The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938)


Starring: Errol Flynn, Olivia de Havilland, Basil Rathbone, Claude Rains

Director: Michael Curtiz & William Keighley

Summary: The bandit king of Sherwood Forest leads his merry men in a battle against the corrupt Prince John

Other Nominations: Original Score*, Art Direction*, Film Editing*


-The movie looks and sounds fantastic. The score is absolutely perfect for high adventure and as much as I like Erich Wolfgang Korngold’s score for Captain Blood, he exceed it here. It’s also very apparent that either the technicolor process was significantly improved between A Star is Born and this movie, or the people behind the scenes had learned how to shoot a color picture. While the color is still a bit off (and still looks like a hand-tinted photo), everything is bright and vivid and overall looks wonderfully distinctive

-The casting could not be better: Flynn was one of the great dashing rogues in the history of cinema, Rains and Rathone were always great as villains and de Havilland was pretty (seriously, I haven’t seen her do anything interesting yet in any of the 3 movies she’s been in).

-Great cinematography, especially with the action scenes of which there are many. Obvious note goes to the famous sword fight at the end of the film that is well-choreographed and well shot.


-While the movie is fun and has lots of action, I never loved it or anything. Good way to spend a couple of hours, but there are plenty of action and adventure films that entertained me more. Not sure what more specific to say other than it was merely very good and not great in my opinion


Really fun and entertaining action adventure movie that was an easy watch even if it didn’t reach the heights of the absolute best of the genre for me.

Rating: B+

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