Love is a Many-Splendored Thing (1955)


Starring: Jennifer Jones, William Holden

Director: Henry King

Summary: A Chinese-English doctor in Hong Kong falls in love with a war correspondent

Other Nominations: Actress (Jones), Dramatic/Comedy Score, Original Song (“Love is a Many-Splendored Thing”)*, Sound Recording, Color Art Direction, Color Cinematography, Color Costume Design*


-Jones and Holden have good chemistry, and Holden is as always a reliable lead

-Considering the time and the premise, this movie could have been worse when it comes to racial aspects, but it wasn’t too bad. Obviously Jones isn’t Chinese, but considering her character is half English as well, whoever you cast wouldn’t be a perfect fit (unless you somehow found the one bankable half Asian-Half Caucasian woman in 1950’s Hollywood who didn’t exist).

-The score was probably the best thing about the movie, playing off many variations of the award-winning title theme that was also #1 on the charts


-This isn’t an especially interesting romance movie, as neither of the characters are all that fleshed-out (especially Holden), and the premise of two people being in love but society/family/etc. gets between them has been done to death and this doesn’t bring much new to the table. It can get pretty depressing at times as well, and dour romance movies aren’t something I tend to enjoy.


Eh, this is an okay at best romance movie. The leads are solid, but just their chemistry alone can’t pull this movie up from its other mediocre elements.

Rating: C-

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