Three Coins in the Fountain (1954)


Starring: Maggie McNamara, Louis Jourdan, Dorothy McGuire, Jean Peters, Clifton Webb, Rossano Brazzi

Director: Jean Negulesco

Summary: Three American roommates working in Italy wish for the man of their dreams after throwing coins into the Trevi Fountain

Other Nominations: Original Song (“Three Coins in the Fountain”)*, Color Cinematography*


-This is mostly an excuse to show off Italian locations in Technicolor, and on that front it succeeds. The color is average, but the photography itself is very good.

-Louis Jourdan comes off as a leading man and feels like a star (which he was), he’s handsome and charming.

-People probably remember the title theme sung by Frank Sinatra more than they remember the movie, and it’s classic Sinatra if you like that sort of thing.


-This is very much a run of the mill romance movie. There’s romantic misunderstandings, people doing romantic things in exotic locations, hearts broken and then mended, everything you would expect in a movie like this, done in the most typical way possible. I’ve liked more romance movies that I watched here than I expected to, but they all were either romantic comedies or at least had something else distinctive about them screenplay or acting wise.


I am just thrilled that I had to watch this instead of something like Rear Window, Sabrina or the A Star is Born remake, all of which received at least 4 Oscar nominations but not Best Picture. This is a totally unremarkable romance movie that has little going for it other than its location or Louis Jourdan.

Rating: D+


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