2002 in Review

Other Notable Films from 2002


About Schmidt

Catch Me If You Can

Talk to Her


Bowling for Columbine

Far from Heaven


Infernal Affairs

City of God

2002 in Review

The Pianist: A-

Chicago (Won Best Picture): B+

The Hours: B-

Gangs of New York: B-

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers: B-

Another very solid year, although a slight step down from last year in my opinion. I have no problem with Chicago winning Best Picture-even if I thought The Pianist was better, Chicago was the more consistent film a

nd it executed its concept about as well as could be done. It’s still one of my favorite musicals ever. The second installment of the LotR trilogy was still good, but for obvious reasons felt less focused and was less interesting to me than its predecessor, The Hours was uneven but had its moments, and Gangs of New York was a disappointing effort from one of the great directors, but was redeemed by an exceptional performance from Daniel Day-Lewis.

For 2003: A winner of 11 Academy Awards and the longest Best Picture winner since The Godfather: Part II; Soffia Coppola didn’t know if Bill Murray would actually show up to do the movie, as they only had a verbal agreement with the famously eccentric star-he finally did show up on the day of filming, and it ended up being his favorite film that he ever made; one of only a handful of modern movies with an entirely male credited cast; one of only five films to win both Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor; and War Admiral in this film was actually “played” by one of his descendents, a horse named Verboom.

But first: I’ve been through 75 years of Academy Award Ceremonies and will now go through my Best of the first 75 years of Oscar. For this, I’m not adhering strictly to my letter grades or old rankings, and will be going more based off what I’m feeling at this moment now.


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