2003 in Review

Other Notable Films from 2003

Finding Nemo

Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl


The Station Agent

American Splendor

Kill Bill: Volume 1

The Room



A Tale of Two Sisters

The Triplets of Belleville

Old School

Memories of Murder

Fog of War

2003 Nominees in Review

Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World: B

Lost in Translation: B

Mystic River: B-

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King: B- (Won Best Picture)

Seabiscuit: C

A pretty weak year by my estimation, and that’s mainly because I just didn’t like Return of the King anywhere near as much as most people do. Master and Commander or Mystic River probably would have won in a different year, but alas this was the Academy’s turn to reward the Lord of the Rings trilogy all at once after the previous two installments failed to win any Oscars in the major categories. Considering how weak the slate of nominees this year was, I have no problem with RotK winning despite it being my fourth favorite of the year.

For 2004: Cate Blanchett won an Oscar for her performance playing a 4-time Oscar winner; This is Dustin Hoffman’s second Peter Pan-related film after playing the title character in Hook; Oddly enough, this is the third straight Warner Brothers movie to win Best Picture that co-starred Morgan Freeman (after Driving Miss Daisy and Unforgiven); Jamie Foxx wore eye prosthetics that actually made him blind throughout the filming; and this film caused a 20% spike in sales of Pinot Noir around the time of its release.


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