2006 in Review

Other Notable Films from 2006

The Prestige

The Lives of Others

Pan’s Labyrinth

Casino Royale


The Last King of Scotland

Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby


The Wicker Man


Children of Men

An Inconvenient Truth

2006 Nominees in Review

The Departed: A- (Won Best Picture)

The Queen: B

Letters from Iwo Jima: B-

Babel: C+

Little Miss Sunshine: D+

The Departed was a very worthy Best Picture in an otherwise undistinguished field that included a movie I disliked far more than I expected to, Little Miss Sunshine. I am surprised Dreamgirls, the film that actually had the most nominations (8) of any movie from 2006, was not nominated though, although I guess I shouldn’t be considering it was shut out of nominations from any of the Big Five categories. Children of Men (three nominations including Best Screenplay and Film Editing) would have also been a very welcome nominee to watch for this project.

For 2007: This film made use of every single U.K. WWII military ambulance that still exists; Diablo Cody wrote the Oscar-winning screenplay for this movie in the Starbucks section of a local Target store over the course of seven weeks; The only Best Picture nominee to have a Neon Genesis Evangelion reference in it (figures of Unit-02 and one of the MP Evas are on the desk of the main character’s 8 year old son, which either makes him the worst or best father ever for showing the series to him at that age); and these two nominees, both considered some of the best of the decade, were filmed at the same time almost right next to each other-in fact, one of them had to shut down filming for the day when the other’s set created a giant cloud of black smoke testing out pyrotechnics for the movie.


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