The Cider House Rules (1999)


Starring: Tobey Maguire, Michael Caine, Charlize Theron, Delroy Lindo, Erykah Badu, Paul Rudd, Jane Alexander
Director: Lasse Hallstrom

Summary: An orphan trained in medicine sets out to find his place in the world
Other Nominations: Director, Supporting Actor (Caine)*, Adapted Screenplay*, Original Score, Art Direction, Film Editing

Well, that was a movie I guess, and it was nominated because around this time Miramax ALWAYS had a BP nominee. There’s nothing glaringly wrong with it or anything, but it’s mostly uninspired melodrama that was incredible predictable for me. Maguire is never someone I would call a great actor or anything, but he was a good fit for “awkward young man coming of age” roles (like in Spider-Man, Pleasantville and here). Caine is solid, but I am surprised he won an Oscar though since he already had one; him putting on a New England by way of a Nordic country accent probably helped his chances. The script is technically fine, although again it hits plot points in a very expected way (except for one-I didn’t expect a Chinatown redux here for one of them). It’s perfectly decent, but nothing more than that.

Rating: C


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