2007 Nominees in Review

Other Notable Films from 2007

Into the Wild

The Simpsons Movie



The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

Away from Her

Hot Fuzz

Eastern Promises

Gone Baby Gone


Evangelion 1.0: You Are (Not) Alone


2007 Nominees in Review

No Country For Old Men: A (Won Best Picture)

There Will Be Blood: B+

Atonement: B

Juno: B-

Michael Clayton: C

2007 is generally considered one of the best fields of the last 20 years and I can see why, especially since most people like Michael Clayton a lot more than I did and many consider There Will Be Blood as one of the best movies of the decade. It really was one of the strongest two-horse races in recent memory, but I feel the Academy made the right choice in picking No Country For Old Men, a movie which is a film about as well-executed as you can find. We also got some other pretty good movies rounding out the field, and I’m happy that I liked Juno more than I expected to considering how grating that type of film can be to be sometimes. All in all, a great year for the Oscars.

For 2008: As of now, the final 5-film Best Picture field! We have: at long last, David Fincher’s first Best Picture nominee; the director admitted that he (regrettably) did vote for the co-subject and essentially villain of the film; the movie was specifically released right before California voted on Proposition 8 which was to re-ban gay marriage in the state (it was unfortunately successful); Kate Winslet joked about doing a Holocaust movie in the series Extras so she could finally win an Oscar-rather famously, this is of course exactly what happened here in real life; and this film joined Schindler’s List as the only movies to win Best Picture, Director and Screenplay at the Oscars, Golden Globes and the BAFTAs.

But first, another Best of the Decade list:


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