1938 in Review

Other notable films of 1938

Bringing Up Baby: One of the definitive screwball comedies, which featured Katharine Hepburn playing against type. Only a moderate success upon release, it gained its reputation in the 1950’s and is on the AFI 100 Films list (#88) and the National Film Registry

Angels with Dirty Faces: Nominated for Director, Actor and Story but not Picture which is very strange with 10 nominees. Considered one of the best gangster movies ever made with James Cagney in the lead and was Curtiz’ third movie from a great year for him. On the National Film Registry.

The Lady Vanishes: One of Hitchcock’s best British films, named Best Picture by the New York Times. In 1939, the New York Film Critic’s Circle named Hitchcock Best Director, the only competitive award Hitchcock ever won for directing.

Love Finds Andy Hardy: Number 37 in the 180-part Andy Hardy series starring Mickey Rooney. On the National Film Registry because why not.

Under Western Stars: Roy Rogers’ first starring role, in the National Film Registry

Algiers: Charles Boyer’s performance as a character named Pepe Le Moko in this movie was both his breakout performance, and the inspiration for Pepe le Pew who was introduced in 1945-the voice is almost the same. This was the first starring role for Hedy Lamarr. Nominated for four Oscars, but not Best Picture.

1938 in Review

Pygmalion: A-

You Can’t Take It With You: B+ (Won Best Picture)

The Adventures of Robin Hood: B+

Grand Illusion: B

Four Daughters: B-

Test Pilot: B-

Jezebel: C+

Alexander’s Ragtime Band: C+

The Citadel: C+

Boys Town: C

Probably the best year so far, considering there were no bad movies and a couple of great ones. I certainly can’t blame the Academy for choosing You Can’t Take It With You, as it was a very good movie, even if I only had it in 2nd place.

Well, here were are: 1939, also known as the greatest year in the entire golden era of Hollywood. Six of the ten nominees are in the National Film registry, and five of them made the original 1998 AFI Top 100 list (no other year had as many movies make either of the lists). Even the other movies that aren’t so honored are all still well-known classics in their own right. I have been looking forward to this and hopefully I will not be disappointed-I’ve seen 3 of these movies before and liked two of them a lot.